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Being a Part of Our Community and Making a Difference

At Enhanced Health & Wellness, we are always looking for new opportunities for community involvement.  We are proud of the many occasions where we could be involved with and benefit our community. 

Dr. Kwan has been continually active in the Edmonton community since he first began practicing in September 2014.  Dr. Kwan and his team have taken part in various events, fundraisers, and regularly scheduled pro bono work.

The mission at Enhanced Health & Wellness is to provide quality care and empower people to live a more functional and healthier life in the community. 

Back pain is one of the most common injuries that people can relate to.  Statistically, 80% of people in North America will suffer from low back pain at least once in their lifetime. 

Pro Bono Chiropractic

Radius Commmunity Health (Formally Boyle McCauley Health Centre)

Since 2014, Dr. Kwan has provided free chiropractic services at the Boyle McCauley Health Centre.  The Boyle McCauley Health Centre provides quality care to the most vulnerable populations in our community.  The clinic utilizes an interdisciplinary team of providers including Medical doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, dentists, psychologists, and more. 

Every Wednesday they offer chiropractic service from 6pm-8pm and Dr. Kwan has been on the list of empathetic providers on a rotational basis.  Dr. Kwan performs manual therapy and chiropractic adjustments on vulnerable populations that desperately need care. 


10628 96 street NW

Edmonton, AB

T5H 2J2n 

Homeless Connect

Homeless Connect is a community-inspired initiative that occurs on one day and at one location.  This is an event that occurs 2 times per year at the Edmonton Convention Centre. 

Homeless Connect provides low-income people experiencing homelessness the opportunity to receive professional services for free.  Service providers, ranging from health care providers to hairdressers to accountants, generously donate their time and expertise to work with guests of the event. 

Dr. Kwan has been offering Chiropractic services at this event since 2017.


9797 Jasper Ave

Edmonton, AB

T5J 1N9

Chiropractic care at Homeless Connect

Fund Raising

Edmonton Food Bank.

The Edmonton Food Bank is a great organization that helps to provide food for over 25,000 people each month!  At Enhanced Health & Wellness we have organized multiple food drives periodically over the years.  We organize clinic events to promote the donation of food and we appreciate all our patients that participate in it. 


11508 120 St. NW

Edmonton, AB 

T5G 2Y2

Santa’s Anonymous 

Since 2018, Enhanced Health & Wellness has organized a Christmas Toy Drive to donate toys towards Santa’s Anonymous.  Christmas time can be hard for many people and we believe that children should be able to enjoy the experience of opening gifts from ‘Santa’. 

We continue to do this event annually while doing themed days leading up to the toy drive where patients receive discounted services in exchange for a toy.

Join us at our next toy drive and help a child experience a memorable Christmas!


12122 68 street

Edmonton, AB

T5B 1R1

Santa's Anonymous Toy Drive

World’s Longest Hockey Game

The Worlds Longest Hockey Game is an event that occurs once every 4 years where players raise money in support of the Cross Cancer Institute.  Since 2003, there have been 7 hockey games and 2 World’s Longest Baseball Games, which have raised $7.4 million dollars for leading-edge equipment and life-saving research!  Dr. Kwan has provided pro bono chiropractic care for the athletes as they suffer through a grueling 10 days straight of hockey playing.  Dr. Kwan looks forward to providing more chiropractic care to the athletes in future events.


Edmonton, AB 

Sherwood Park, AB

Hockey Helps the Homeless

Hockey Helps the Homeless is an organization that leverages Canada’s love for hockey to raise awareness and financial support for the homeless.  The organization host hockey tournaments across Canada to raise funds for the vulnerable populations in our community. 

Dr. Kwan has provided sideline services for the athletes participating in Edmonton, AB in the past. 


Edmonton, AB


Million Reasons Run: annual run that raises funds for local Children’s hospital. Million Reasons is for walkers, runners, and the whole family to help children in need. 

Educational Community Workshops

The Enhanced Health & Wellness team loves to educate the community on various topics that relate to chiropractic care, injury prevention, functional rehabilitation, ergonomics, proper daily biomechanical movements, and performance training. 

We concentrate our efforts on the importance of joint health and living without pain.  Our presentations are structured to provide useful information to the community about common conditions that they, or someone they know, are experiencing.  Presentations review common musculoskeletal conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, jaw pain, sports injuries, and more.

Our practitioners create workshops for various groups with relevant information that pertains to that group. 

Some presentations and workshops include:

  • Movement and function considerations for personal trainers
  • Proper Ergonomics for the Desk Worker
  • Importance of Posture and Breathing
  • How to Build a Resilient Back  

Community Events

At Enhanced Health & Wellness we believe in building relationships and being a part of the community.  A strong sense of community benefits individuals, families, and businesses in different ways.  We believe in the importance of participating in community events to interact with people and provide services and support to those who require it due to daily struggles. 

We take pride in working with local organizations that contribute to growth in our Edmonton community.  There are numerous, outstanding organizations that provide support to the people in our community that need it the most.  We focus on, and regularly work with, organizations that are centered around providing health and wellness in the community.

If you know of an organization that you think could benefit from our participation, let us know and we will be happy to research the steps in how we can be involved!

For inquires please call 780-431-1201

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