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Custom Foot Orthotics In South Edmonton

Custom foot orthotics are a great aid for those suffering from foot, ankle, knee, hip, or back pain.  The foot is an important structure in the human body that is often overlooked.  Out of all the bones in your body, the feet consist of 25% of them!

Your foot has a direct impact on the rest of your body.  As we walk and stand, our feet take in sensory input from the ground and support the weight of everything above them.  A change in the way we walk and move can affect the stresses in the joints higher up in the body which can lead to secondary problems.   

Conditions Custom Foot Orthotics Can Help With: 

          Localized Foot Pain

          Heel pain

          Hip or low back pain

          Knee Pain

          Plantar Fasciitis

          Flat Foot

          Back pain


What Are Custom Foot Orthotics?

Orthotics are special inserts that go into your shoe to correct specific foot imbalances that may be causing foot, ankle, knee, or back pain. These inserts are sometimes called arch supports, they allow people to stand, walk, and run more efficiently.

Custom foot orthotics are superior to the over-the-counter orthotic since they are prescribed and shaped specifically to the person’s foot.

Although a generic orthotic may help resolve mild issues, they typically can’t correct the wide range of conditions that a custom orthotic can.

Custom foot orthotics are to your feet what glasses are to your eyes. They are usually made of a semi-rigid material that consists of a copolymer plastic.

Depending on the condition a person may be seeking orthotics, other materials may be used such as custom padding in the heel, arch, or forefoot.

Foot ache

How Do Custom Foot Orthotics Help?


Custom orthotics are designed specifically for the shape of your foot to help control and promote healthy foot mechanics.   They help your body restore a natural balance and normal movement patterns, thereby reducing pain and discomfort.  Realigning the feet and ankles prevents compensation at other joints, therefore, decreasing secondary problems up the kinetic chain. 

Orthotics create optimal weight distribution, which takes the pressure off of any sore spots on your feet.  Although store-bought insoles act as a cushion for your feet while you stand, they do not provide the control or structure that custom orthotics do.  They are also prone to breaking down quickly. 

One condition that benefits from orthotics is over-pronation of the foot.  When the foot overpronates, this puts more stress through the arch of the foot and the plantar fascia.  As we move up the kinetic chain, over-pronation of the foot can lead to increased stress through the inside (medial) part of the knee.  This in turn can lead to not only foot pain but possibly pain in the knee and even in the hip.

What to Expect When Getting a Custom Foot Orthotic?


When you book your appointment for an orthotic, our trained practitioner will first review your medical history and why you wish to get an orthotic.  Then a physical exam is performed where they will look at your posture, gait (the way you walk), range of motion, and any areas of pain.  After the history and physical exam is performed, your feet will be placed in a foam polymer that takes a cast of your foot.  Keep in mind, bringing in an old pair of shoes and/or the shoes you will be primarily using the orthotics with will be beneficial to customizing your new orthotic. 

Once the cast of your foot is created, it will be sent out along with the physical exam notes, to produce your orthotic within approximately 2-3weeks (depending on shipping times).  When you receive your new orthotics, it is important to slowly break in your new orthotic otherwise you may experience foot discomfort.  Since the custom orthotic works to realign the structure of your foot, you may feel pressure in some areas as the orthotic attempts to do its job. 

*We suggest wearing it for 1 hour on day 1, 2 hours on day 2, 3 hours on day 3, and so forth until you have worn them for 8 hours in a day with no discomfort.*


A Few Things to Note When Booking Your Custom Foot Orthotic Appointment:

  • Although custom orthotics are covered by most insurance companies, they do not allow direct billing for orthotics. Thus you will have to pay for them then submit the paperwork to be reimbursed
  • In order for your insurance company to cover custom orthotics, a prescription from your medical doctor is required. Make sure you make an appointment with them first to get the prescription for orthotics. You will send your prescription and your payment receipt to your insurance company to be reimbursed
  • Once you have your orthotic prescription, we will do the rest. We will provide you with all the necessary paperwork that needs to be submitted and can help you if you have any questions about the process

Get Your Custom Orthotic Today

If you have been struggling with foot pain for a while, custom orthotics may be the solution you need.  If you are on your feet most of the day and tend to experience foot pain in the morning, you will find orthotics can achieve the outcome you’re looking for.  Comfort matters.  Let’s get you there starting today. 

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